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Corner Realty Can Provide Triple Net Lease Opportunities

Between Corner Realty and Corner Capital, the professionals at each firm have dedicated their entire careers to all facets of the Downstream Energy industry. Corner Realty now extends this expertise to the Net Lease market for convenience retail and similar retail investment opportunities. Corner Realty’s Net Lease services provide operators with the opportunity to re-deploy funds buried in real estate to higher-yield opportunities. We match properties with investors who can help fund your growth through real estate.

Our underlying operating knowledge of your stores’ unique characteristics allows us to efficiently and successfully source qualified investors to purchase your real property, while allowing you to retain operations and grow your business. This is accomplished through a long-term Net Lease with key terms and conditions unique to your retail site. Our team has transacted across the United States:


Why sell your real estate to an investor through a Net Lease?

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    Re-deploy funds from real estate to new stores or new business lines

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    Often the cheapest capital available to operators for growth

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    Ability to secure your long-term tenancy on your own terms

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    Belief that your business generates better returns on your money that real estate

Why do investors want to buy single-tenant properties?

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    A Net-Lease acts a lot like a bond that pays a stable yield for the entire lease term

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    Less property management involved compared to commercial or multi-tenant real estate investments

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    Tax incentives related to Section 1031 where a “like-kind” exchange provides tax shelter from the proceeds of another real estate sale

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    Real estate investors believe “corner” real estate will be valuable in the long-term

Corner Realty Net Lease Services

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    Diligence, Underwrite, Market, Lease Negotiation, Closing

    1. Location data & investor-attractive characteristics
    2. Local market conditions
    3. Property characteristics
    4. Quality assessment & financial performance
    5. Match property with qualified investors
    6. Base lease documentation & negotiation
    7. Closing and escrow

Corner Realty experts have the market knowledge, technologies, and expertise together with the knowledge of opportunities available in (NNN) properties. We are able to guide clients to make the best decision through every step of a transaction. With over 165 years of combined experience, Corner Realty has access to the most extensive inventory of triple net lease properties throughout the U.S.

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