Our Process

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    Corner Realty provides national advisory and brokerage services to retail real estate investors, operators and all constituents supporting retail real estate. The Corner Realty Team, comprised of highly skilled and experienced retail petroleum and convenience professionals, delivers focused solutions to assist its clients in generating capital, identifying market opportunities, and providing fair market value estimations for transactional opportunities. The Corner Realty team has delivered results to clients with 165 years of combined direct and "hands-on" guidance throughout markets across the entire United States.

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    Corner Realty is designed to bring together independent, regional, and national companies, leveraging our national expertise, and deliver an accelerated and structured marketing process to move assets. Our team combines the value of our proprietary data with market knowledge and resources to obtain the highest value for real estate and business assets in a structured process in the shortest period of time. The result is an efficient use of your time and capital.

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    Corner Realty's team and expertise is now combined with an effective and efficient online model designed to alleviate the burden of diligence requests, documentation, and closing. By compressing the timeline from engagement to closing, Corner Realty can assist our clients with a timely and efficient solution to expedite the sale of assets at fair market values anywhere in the United States. The services of Corner Realty go beyond the sale of real estate. We begin with relationships based upon a foundation of trust and transparency. We provide our clients with expertise from our service partners including financial institutions, environmental organizations, developers, distributors, educational organizations, and insurance organizations throughout the U.S. We drive the process to meet timelines. We assist in the details of diligence, escrow, and conveyance. We pride ourselves on repeat business from our customers to assist again.


Team members are pledged to a code of professional conduct and standards that are the highest in the industry. Performance is always within the parameters of the real estate laws.

Financing Programs

Established relationships with preferred lending institutions provide a large number of competitive financial options to assist buyers.

Pre-qualified Buyers

Maintains a database of potential buyers nationally.  Please note: these buyers are ready to execute which minimizes time.

Technology Advantage

Specializes in advanced real estate transactions, offering state of the art business opportunities. Provides a sophisticated and secure process where the buyers and sellers come together.


Corner Realty has over 165 years of combined petroleum and convenience store experience which delivers solutions in a creative and structured process in a confidential manner.

Competitive Advantage

Predetermined sale date, extensive knowledge of industry, experience with PMPA, environmental experience, customized reporting, pre-qualified buyer list, full-service provider, and strategically targeted buyer audience.

Corner Realty has created a new standard in retail real estate and business brokerage nationwide by offering: 165 years of transactional experience, confidential consultation and valuation estimates, comprehensive and targeted marketing, and a strong sales structure.

Please reach out to any of our team members below:

William Hartshorn

Andy Weber

Lennard Keswani